Contact: Tito Belis

Cushty (12/1/17)

The one-and-only “Drunk Folk Singer” and “Barefoot Troubadour” BEANS ON TOAST is delighted to announce his forthcoming new album, Cushty. Set for release on his birthday as he does every year, December 1, via standard bearers and long time companions Xtra Mile Recordings (Frank Turner, Against Me!, Skinny Lister), the latest record finds him within a hair's breadth of reaching a monumental double-digit milestone of studio album releases. Marking the announcement, Beans also offers us a glimpse into his latest LP with brand new teaser track “Taylor Swift.”

Ever the protester and provocateur at heart, Beans on Toast’s ninth record doesn’t waste anytime getting down to business: “The world is dying…" proclaims our favorite barefooted troubadour, ushering the listener into Cushty, with a statement that suggests things are anything but. Our album entry point this time is “Open Door Policy,” a soaring Beans-eye-view of the modern world that is both epic in scope and poetic in prose. Touching on Armageddon, Factory Farming, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, computer compulsions and the future that may await us, the singer puts his perspective to all of these issues in a sweeping six-minutes of superlative song-craft.

Nearly a decade in the game, Beans on Toast has established himself as many different things to many a listening audience: An optimist, pacifist, people’s champ, lovable scamp, raconteur, and drunk folk-star. And as our first introduction to Cushty may suggest, Beans on Toast is as bristling with ideas and identity as he's ever been.

Progressing from the more digitized approach of previous album, A Spanner in the Works, Cushty sees Beans instead surround his words with the comforting feel that can only come from a full live band.

Rounding up an array of incredible musicians and close compadres - Max Thomas (Skinny Lister) on Accordion, Matt Millership (Jim Jones and The Righteous Mind) on Piano, Jenna Mahone (Lord of the Dance) on Fiddle and, of course, long-time musical partner Bobby Banjo plus top dog producer Tristan Ivemy (Frank Turner / Skinny Lister / Will Valley), the perfect team was quickly assembled for the next chapter in the Beans on Toast story.

Decamping to the homely settings of Giant Wafer Studios, a residential studio in the heart of the Welsh countryside (that conveniently in-keeping with gang’s ethical compass solely runs on renewable sources), the band recorded what would become Cushty. She Drew The Gun’s Louisa Roach even dropped-by for sumptuously soulful duet, “That’s Why I Came To Okeechobee.” Heaped with all the ingredients that have made him as much the national treasure as his namesake, Cushty is without doubt Beans on Toast’s most accomplished album to date and all recorded within just one week.

Glowing with his winning optimistic outlook, “Jamie & Lilly” is a ballad about a teacher and a nurse that Beans met on the road that celebrates the beauty of the everyday, a sentiment also echoed by “The A303,” a song that finds romance in one of England’s finest roads. Plus there’s protest songs aplenty: “Major Oak” stands tall with the trees of Sherwood Forest against fracking, whereas “The Ignorant Englishman” sees Beans address his views on the UK’s departure from the European Union but also express his new found love for German culture following his recent tour there.

But of course, as with every Beans On Toast record there's plenty of room for fun too. “Taylor Swift” is a boogie-woogie drinking song with lyrics you’ll find hard to shake off on your next trip to the pub; “The Unlikely Gymnast” finds our folk hero feeling flexible after a drunken promise; and “SGP” is a celebratory ode to the Secret Garden Party, a track written on request by the much loved UK Festival before they bowed out in style with their last ever event this year.

Beyond the gates of Secret Garden Party, Beans on Toast continues to pack out tents at festivals all over the world. After sticking to his guns and speaking his mind for so long, Beans on Toast has become something of a cultural icon for many – still writing, still singing, still smiling and still telling it like it is all-the-while remaining completely original, brutally honest and refreshingly down to earth. Constantly touring, from playing in small towns and local pubs to big cities and legendary stages, Beans on Toast is a one of a kind with a live show that has become a must-see fixture of the global gig circuit.