Impose Magazine praises Oliver Spalding's new single "Novemberism"

Oliver Spalding recently released new single “Novemberism” is praised by Impose Magazine. “‘Novemberism’ has a pumping energy that does not leave the listener relaxed,” they write, “rather they are rushed into a thoughtful trance begging an inquisition to everything at hand. It truly is a track ripe for the autumn’s highs and lows.” Read more and listen to the song HERE!

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Stereogum marks American Football LP1's 20th Anniversary

Stereogum has marked the recent 20 year anniversary for American Football’s debut self-titled LP with a not in their recurring “The Anniversary” feature. “Once an obscure word-of-mouth treasure,” they write, “American Football’s debut went on to become arguably the most influential album in all of modern emo.” Read more HERE!

American Football announce 'Year One Demos' release - Read more at Pitchfork!

This past weekend American Football celebrated the 20th anniversary of their debut LP. Polyvinyl Records Co. marks the occasion with a 12” vinyl release of previously unreleased demos from the band’s first year together. Year One Demos will be out on December 13th. Read more about the release on Pitchfork HERE.

NPR Music highlights Jamie Drake and Cataldo in "15 New Songs" column!

NPR Music has highlighted Clarion Call clients Jamie Drake and Cataldo in their recent “15 New Songs” Station Breaks column. On Cataldo’s single “Ding Dong Scrambled Eggs” they praise the song as having “a quick-witted, melodic view of the world that simultaneously exudes affection for the past.” On Jamie Drake’s “Redwood Tree” they write the song “begins with all the throwback glamour and flourish of a 1950s musical, with nostalgic embellishments like whistling, harp and heavenly harmonies that pull back to reveal a bouncing, playful tune.” Listen to both tracks and read more HERE!

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Stolen Jars' "Ghost Towns" featured on The Wild Honey Pie's "Buzzing Daily"

Excited for The Wild Honey Pie to come out in support of “Stolen Jars” excellent new single. “‘Ghost Towns,’ the second single from their upcoming third album, A Reminder, due out October 11th, tackles the complicated subject of a severed relationship between a parent and child. ‘It’s about allowing yourself to move on from the loss of what could have been one of the most important relationships of your life,’ says Fitzgerald. As Coffey repeats to herself, ‘Oh, back when I was someone young,’ you can hear her releasing those memories and the demons that live with them.” - The Wild Honey Pie

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Madge's "Bonedeep" featured in Nylon Magazine's "Soundcheck" column

We’re thrilled Madge’s new single “Bonedeep” was featured as one of the 15 best releases of the week in Nylon Magazine’s Soundcheck column. Check out Madge’s tune, which they describe as “The perfect soundtrack to one of these last summer nights.” - HERE

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Stolen Jars' new single "Ghost Towns" featured in the New York Times Playlist

Stolen Jars' new achingly beautiful single "Ghost Towns" is featured in today's The New York Times Playlist. “In ‘Ghost Towns,’ Stolen Jars set up a quick, precise, transparent tangle of counterpoint, with more than a hint of Dirty Projectors. There are stop-start drums, tendrils of guitar, the plink of what might be a marimba and vocal lines that hop around, converge, diverge and eventually reunite, singing about escaping the strictures of the past: ‘Found my way out, I won’t go back to ghost towns.’” Read more and listen to the song on the NYTimes site HERE.

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Pitchfork reviews the new album from De La Noche (7.5)

Head to Pitchfork to read the review of De La Noche’s new album Blue Days, Black Nights. “The songs are drizzled with just enough truffle oil to elevate their essential sturdiness without obscuring it. As you might expect, based on Gayngs and The Rosebuds’ whole-album cover of Sade, the vibe is redolent of ’80s easy-listening and synth-funk from Peter Gabriel to Tears for Fears, but modernized with the refined pulses of contemporary electronic music.” More HERE

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Glide Magazine shares "Waiting Around To Die" from Ash Grunwald's new album 'Mojo'

Ash Grunwald just released his new album Mojo, and Glide Magazine shared “Waiting Around To Die” (feat. Joe Bonamassa, Josh Teskey & Ian Collard). They described the Townes Van Zandt cover as “a scorching number with lethal biting guitar that bleeds otherwordly tones with a soulful underbelly.” Listen and read more about Mojo HERE.

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Culture Collide preview Girl Band's "Visionary New Album" out September 27th

Culture Collide give a preview of the forthcoming new album from Girl Band. The Talkies is out on September 27th on Rough Trade Records. “ For the past decade,” writes Culture Collide, “Dublin’s Girl Band has been formulating, refining and adapting its very own brand of face-melting punk that is as palatable as it is lethal.” Read more HERE.