Rolling Stone Share Feature Interview with American Football

We're psyched to share Rolling Stone's new exclusive interview with Mike Kinsella and Steve Holmes of American Football. Rolling Stone's Suzy Exposito investigates the band's "'art project'" inception on the Urbana-Champaign campus of the University of Illinois, the 1999 release of their first self-titled LP, and the subsequent "international cult following" that ensued after they'd graduated college and disbanded. After a short reunion tour in 2014, American Football came together again to release a brand new record, also self-titled, which came out on Polyvinyl last month. Exposito describes the new album as "a testament to American Football's artistic and emotional evolution," going on to assert that "the production feels tighter, as do the band's intricate, mathy compositions."

Be sure to order American Football (LP 2) on Polyvinyl and read the full piece on Rolling Stone.