Nylon Premiere Debut Single from Noël Wells

Thrilled to share that Nylon is premiering the debut single from Noël Wells, who you may know from her acting work on Saturday Night Live, Master of None, and Mr. Roosevelt, the latter of which she wrote and directed as well. “Sunrise” is the first musical offering from Wells, who realized in 2016 that she was not feeling creatively fulfilled from TV & film, and started learning guitar and writing music as a result. “In her debut single,” Nylon write, “she channels all of this confusion and frustration, singing of a backward, mixed-up world, but also keeping the mood chill with airy harmonies [and] acoustic guitar… In that way, ‘Sunrise’ is a song of blissful, intentional ignorance, an example of just trying to keep on keeping on.” Be sure to read the full piece over at Nylon and listen to “Sunrise” via YouTube!