The Dead Tongues' 'Unsung Passage' Receives Glowing Review on Folk Alley

We're thrilled to share Folk Alley's glowing review of Unsung Passage, the newest album from The Dead Tongues, the brainchild of Ryan Gustafson. Gustafson, who has toured as a guitarist with Hiss Golden Messenger and Phil Cook's Guitarheels, effortlessly blurs the lines between folk, country, blues and distinctly American rock music when writing for The Dead Tongues, especially on the songs he chose to comprise Unsung Passage. Writing for Folk Alley, Kelly McCartney singles out opening track "Won't Be Long" as "a perfect representation of how Gustafson's music manages to feel timeless, authentic and organic, but not stale or overly derivative. There's an easy lonesome in his voice and an easy lilt in his melodies... but there's something else going on here that makes the album immediately appealing."

Released on May 18th via Psychic Hotline, Folk Alley further praise the record for standing as one that "can cross oceans, ages, and genres." We very much agree! You can stream Unsung Passage now via Spotify, and you can read the full album review over at Folk Alley.