Pitchfork Review Latest Now, Now Single "MJ"

Thrilled to have Pitchfork review Now, Now's new single, "MJ," the latest track to be offered up ahead of the band's forthcoming album release. "The Minnesota duo Now, Now are adept at finding sweet spots between nervy emo and shimmering, Carly Rae Jepsen-like pop," Pitchfork write, "and they strike that balance once again on 'MJ.'" The song imagines KC Dalager venting about a relationship to the King of Pop himself.

"...Dalager's under-her-breath confessions and the chugging rhythm generate a constant tension, one that animates the song and compels you to try and crack its code," Pitchfork continue, "'MJ" may be unorthodox, but it's a tribute Jackson would understand: a song you can't get out of your head."

Be sure to read the full piece on Pitchfork & listen to "MJ" via SoundCloudSaved is out May 18th on Trans Records.


Tancred Shares Lead Single "Reviews" with NPR Music: New Album 'Nightstand' Out June 1st

Thrilled to share that Tancred (aka Jess Abbott) has announced her new record, Nightstand, which will be out June 1st on Polyvinyl Record Co. Today, NPR Music are debuting lead single "Reviews," which they hail as "introspective and poppy," a prime example of how "Abbott has polished her songwriting into a resplendent pop shine." 

Nightstand follows 2016's critically acclaimed Out Of The Garden, which NPR Music praised as "a confident reckoning of personal identity." That reckoning will continue come June 1st, but with a greater focus on self-reflection. "This new album takes a step back from the energy of my last album to bring in a little more vulnerability," Abbott reveals.

Be sure to read the full piece on NPR Music and listen to "Reviews" via YouTube!


Rolling Stone Review Imarhan's New Record, 'Temet'

Thrilled to share that Rolling Stone have reviewed Imarhan's new album, Temet, hailing the Algeria-based band as "producing some of the planet's most vital rock music," listed in stellar company with Mali bands Sidi Touré and BKO, and Nigerian outfit Tal National.

Be sure to read the full review via Rolling Stone and listen to Temet on SoundCloud or Spotify!

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Girl Ray Featured in Rolling Stone's List of "10 Artists Making a Splash at SXSW 2018"

Thrilled to share that UK trio Girl Ray has been included in Rolling Stone's list of "10 Artists Making a Splash at SXSW 2018." 

"A North London twee trio whose far-reaching definition of 'pop' includes Carole King-style weepers and Elephant 6-echoing psych explorations," Rolling Stone writes, "Girl Ray showed off their velvety vocals and gently insistent hooks on their 2017 album Earl Grey - one of our 20 Best Pop Albums of 2017." This week in Austin, Girl Ray will be playing parties and showcases put on by BBC 6 Music, Brooklyn Vegan, Dr. Martens, and Transgressive Records, to name a few.

Be sure to read the full piece here and catch them at SXSW or on tour with Porches this month!

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Now, Now Announce New Record 'Saved' Out May 18th + Hear Latest Single "AZ"

So excited to finally share the announcement for Now, Now's new album, Saved, due out May 18th on Trans Records. Yesterday, they shared single "AZ," along with an in-depth feature interview with The FADERSaved has been a long time coming, as it's the followup to the Minneapolis duo's 2012 breakthrough Threads, but it's so very worth the wait. "Overall, Saved is a testament to the creative benefits of taking your time, external pressures be damned," The FADER writes, "unquestionably, the album contains some of the band's strongest songs to date, from the softly exuberant choruses of 'Yours' and 'AZ,' a standout that combines the band's six-stringed past with the electronic touches they so capably employ throughout the record." Simply put, The FADER read our minds with their declaration that "Now, Now just keep getting better."

Be sure to read the full piece over at FADER as well as listen to "AZ" via SoundCloud!


Anna Meredith's Tiny Desk is the "most exhilarating" NPR Music's Bob Boilen has ever experienced

We're thrilled to share Anna Meredith's NPR Music Tiny Desk debut, which caused producer Bob Boilen to rank it as #1 out of the nearly 700 sessions he's experienced. "I first saw this British composer a year ago," Boilen writes, "in a stunning performance at the SXSW music festival. It was one of the best concerts of my life. The music I heard sent me into a state of reverie."

Let Anna Meredith's music do the same for you by watching her Tiny Desk session via NPR Music!

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Imarhan's 'Temet' is Bandcamp's Album of the Day

Thrilled to share that Imarhan's new record, Temet, has been chosen today as Bandcamp's "Album of the Day." In praising the Algerian band's sophomore effort, Bandcamp specifically notes, "Even the quiet bits of Temet feel like they're speaking loud enough for the whole world to hear," adding that, "In Imarhan's hands, Tuareg isn't a regional style, but a universal language."

Be sure to read the full review and listen to the record via Bandcamp! Imarhan will be touring across the US this spring; for more info on dates, head over to their website.

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Stereogum Share New Girl Ray Video for "The Way We Came Back"

Thrilled to share the new music video from London trio Girl Ray for "The Way We Came Back," their latest 7" single release. Stereogum posted the Rita Conry-directed video this morning, noting its arrival after their "deeply impressive debut album" Earl Grey, which came out on Moshi Moshi last summer. Be sure to read the full piece on Stereogum and watch the video via YouTube! Girl Ray is currently touring North America with Porches, including dates at SXSW 2018 in March.

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Revolver Share Interview with Wes Eisold of American Nightmare

Happy to share this wonderfully in-depth interview with Wes Eisold of American Nightmare, talking everything from reunion perils to the feeling of never quite fitting in. An excerpt from Eisold below:

"The lyrical aspect of this record is in a way a tribute to the different lives that I've led and those who have been a part of my life. One of the most loving parts of punk and hardcore is meeting people who come from similar backgrounds, which leads to these explosive friendships that last a lifetime or a day. I don't consider this record a celebration, more of an acknowledgement of feeling like an outsider and all the things you felt growing up are legitimate. And that it's OK to still feel that way."

Be sure to read the full piece over at Revolver and listen to the band's brand new self-titled LP via your favorite streaming service!


American Nightmare On the Cover of New Noise Magazine

Thrilled to share that American Nightmare are on the cover of New Noise issue #39 for flexi subscribers! With art designed by Linas Garsys, the flexi features American Nightmare covering The Lemonheads’ “Clang Bang Clang,” which originally appeared on the band’s 1988 Creator album. More info on the issue & link to order can found here! American Nightmare will be available in stores & online through Rise Records next Friday, February 16th.


Consequence of Sound Names Gov Ball One of the Best Festivals in the USA

Thrilled to see the recognition for Governors Ball from Consequence of Sound as one of the best music festivals in the USA; to put it in their own words, "It's time to start planning your year around these names." 

"In 2011, Governors Ball brought more than a splash, it brought a New York-shaped tidal wave," Consequence of Sound write, adding that the festival has since grown into "a massive three-day blowout that not only meets and exceeds the expectations set by that [first year], but in America's biggest, most culturally important city." Be sure to read the full piece over at Consequence of Sound and check out the festival's 2018 lineup below.

Head to govball.com for tickets!


Pitchfork Share Latest Anna Meredith Track, "Calion"

Acclaimed UK composer and electronic artist Anna Meredith has released a new single, "Calion," and we're thrilled to share its write-up in Pitchfork's tracks section. "Weaving between bright beams of organ and darting polyrhythms," Pitchfork write, "'Calion' suggests a ride through an astral obstacle course, conveying a vivid sense of forward motion while following hairpin plot twists... in 'Calion,' [Meredith] crafts something mesmerizing." The stunning single was released last week on Adult Swim as a part of their singles program. 

You can read the full piece on Pitchfork and listen to "Calion" via Adult Swim or YouTube.


Dave Knudson of Minus the Bear Featured in Pitchfork Story on the Line 6 DL4 Pedal

Excited to share that Dave Knudson of Minus the Bear was interviewed for a recent, gear-focused Pitchfork article entitled "The Line 6 DL4 Is Quietly the Most Important Guitar Pedal of the Last 20 Years."

"Revered by guitarists for his double-handed tapping technique," Pitchfork writes, "Knudson has been known to use as many as four DL4 pedals at a time now. But the clipped fingerprint of the DL4 loop first emerged in Minus the Bear's catalog on 'The Game That Needed Me,' the opening track from the Seattle band's second LP, 2005's Menos El Oso." Be sure to read the full piece on Pitchfork!

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Wild Child Featured in Refinery29's Latest Installment of "New Music To Know This Week"

Excited to share that Wild Child has been featured in Refinery29's latest "New Music To Know This Week" roundup! "'Sinking Ship' is a must listen if you liked Gary Jules' cover of 'Mad World' in Donnie Darko and need a little more of that in your life," Refinery29 write, adding that companion single "'Back & Forth' is a more rollicking, but still delicate, piece of work. There's something for everyone here." 

You can read the full piece over at Refinery29, and listen to both "Sinking Ship" and "Back & Forth" via SoundCloud. Both songs are off the band's forthcoming album, Expectations, out February 9th on Dualtone Records.

1 - Wild Child - Sean Daigle small.jpeg

Now, Now's "SGL" Ranked as Idolator's #1 "Best Pop Song of 2017"

Thrilled to share that Idolator chose Now, Now's stunning, hiatus-breaking single "SGL" as #1 on their list of "The 50 Best Pop Songs of 2017." Clocking in above top 40 vets such as Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Carly Rae Jepsen, Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey, and Charlie Puth, Idolator's Mike Wass describes "SGL" as "...a hazy, windows-down indie-pop anthem that just happens to be my favorite song of the year." He goes on, praising the Minneapolis duo's track for being, "catchy without trying, pop-centric but only just, everything about this track feels loose and authentic and destined to soundtrack a really good road movie one of these days."

You can watch the music video for "SGL" via YouTube and read the full roundup on Idolator!


Laura Jane Grace Featured in New Issue of O, The Oprah Magazine

We're so excited to share that Laura Jane Grace has been featured as a "force for good" in the February 2018 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. The issue's theme is "What defines you?" and Grace was called on to write a touching, relevant piece on the importance of pronouns and their power as a means of respecting one another. "When you're unsure about someone else, try reverting to gender-neutral options like 'they/them/their,'" Grace writes, adding, "If that requires an expanded way of thinking and communicating, then so be it... Language has evolved, and so should we." Be sure to check out a copy of the issue, on shelves now!


Consequence of Sound Share "Origins" Feature on New Wild Child Singles

Excited to share two new Wild Child singles, which premiered yesterday on Consequence of Sound. "Sinking Ship" and "Back & Forth," produced by Max Frost and Delta Spirit's Matthew Logan Vasquez, respectively, are the latest singles to be released off the Austin-based band's forthcoming record, Expectations. "...the album learns from the lessons of different experiences," Consequence of Sound writes, "both in its examinations of romance and its very recording process," further praising the album for showcasing how the band has "embraced life's piecemeal reality," and translated that reality into song.

Read the full feature here to find out how core songwriters Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins were inspired by Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, and Shel Silverstein while writing. Wild Child's new record, Expectations, comes out February 9th on Dualtone Records.

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Rolling Stone Share In-Depth Interview with Dan Deacon

Thrilled to share this in-depth interview with Dan Deacon for Rolling Stone. They discuss his work scoring the new documentary, Rat Film, his musical upbringing and childhood love of Aerosmith, and his thoughts on the current state of the Baltimore DIY scene, of which he's always been a champion. Be sure to read the full interview here!

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Chicago Tribune Interview The Safes Ahead of Hometown Show Next Week

Chicago band of brothers The Safes are wrapping up their fall tour in support of their most recent full-length, Tasty Waves, next week on Wednesday, November 22nd with a hometown show at Beat Kitchen. We're excited to share this Chicago Tribune feature interview ahead of the show, where Frankie O'Malley discusses moments of his childhood, the role music plays in his life, and the multi-decade collaborative relationship he's shared with his brother, Patrick. Be sure to read the full piece here!

The Safes - Band Photograph (4MB).jpg