Giant In The Lighthouse started as a secret between Peggy O’Sullivan and Adrian Sympson. A small space for the two to experiment, write their first songs, and share their history. Today they are happy to announce the June 28th release of their debut EP Waving. The Lowell, MA duo share the first single “Sprinting” via Stereogum, who write, “On the song, O’Sullivan longs for the tenderness of childhood, painting an innocent world over urgent piano keys and energetic drums.”

After self-releasing their first demo EP, All Winter, and playing shows around Lowell and the rest of New England, the duo entered the studio to record their first official release - Waving. It’s a proper introduction into the world they’re building and a hint of what's to come. Peggy and Adrian met in 2014 through mutual friends while each of them was playing in different bands in the college basement scene. The two joked about starting a band and already had the name, explains Peggy, “but once I sent Adrian a voice memo of that first song, the gears started moving. We wanted our band to be the antithesis of what we saw in the scene at the time. We were so sick of the ironic apathy. We wanted to have fun and care about something.”

That earnest approach shows through in the songs as much as it does their respective ideal Friday evenings. For Adrian, “a night spent listening to the ocean with my eyes closed.” For Peggy, “approximately two bud lights and 3 good friends.” “Sleepwalking” is about remembering the youthful escapism of summer camp. “Darling” is a sweetly sung love song about the guilt and sadness that comes with being away from someone who’s always been there. Another song “Frame”, is about being homesick, and the feelings that well up when you first move away from the people and places you know and maybe took for granted.

Peggy, a first-generation American and daughter of Irish immigrants, grew up a local in Cape Cod. The kind of town that empties out during the colder months, and leaves the beach cottage rentals and B&Bs dormant after the tourists have their fill of fudge and saltwater taffy. “The population triples in the summertime,” she relates. “It’s a strange place, but it’s my favorite place.” Adrian for his part was born in New York and spent his childhood bouncing around the eastern seaboard. His family relocated south to Virginia for the majority of his elementary school years before moving north again to attend middle and high school in Vermont. Since then he’s bounced around New Hampshire and Massachusetts, describing himself as akin to “an east coast mutt.”

When it came time to record the songs on Waving, Peggy and Adrian chose to enter the studio with producers Andy Rosen and Ben Cassorla, who had stumbled across the band’s early demos and fallen in love. “We want our music to feel childlike without being childish,” the band explains. “We want to be warm and soft, but big and visceral. Ben and Andy brought so much life to our little ideas.” This summer the band will bring those little ideas to the stage as they tour the northeast and beyond. Dates to be announced in the coming weeks.