Debut album coming Spring 2019

About Noël Wells:

After spending a season on “Saturday Night Live,” appearing as the love interest on “Master of None,” and writing, directing, and starring in the award winning indie feature “Mr. Roosevelt,” Wells wasn’t satisfied creatively. “Though I was doing all these creative things and finding levels of success, I still didn’t feel like I was able to express myself like I wanted.” 

Struggling with overwhelming anxiety, she started seeking alternative avenues to get better, from meditation, intensive therapy, to psychedelics. “I’m this person that gets really sick if I drink alcohol, but if I took mushrooms I suddenly felt really normal.” With this relief there was an added benefit: she started hearing music in a way she never heard before. “I didn’t even know I wasn’t able to truly hear music until suddenly I could. A whole world opened up.” 

In 2016, after experiencing career upsets, heartbreak, and the psychological aftermath of the election, she went from listening to music to writing music. She bought an acoustic guitar and started taking lessons, and she found comfort in the songs that were now pouring out of her. “My anxiety had gotten so intense I could barely leave the apartment without falling apart. I felt like I was on the edge of having a nervous breakdown. All I could do to calm myself was sit there and strum and sing. I just remember thinking, ‘Just hold it together as long as you can because the medical bills would be really bad if you got 5150’ed.’”

About "Sunrise":

“Sunrise” was the first song written for the album, composed on a guitar Wells picked up in an AirBnB she was staying at in Austin, Texas while she was shooting a film. “I started teaching myself chords and would just sit there playing with word phrases.”  

“'Sunrise' is about the world we are in being completely upside down. We are all marching off to get things done, feeding ourselves into a system while we put our blinders up to what’s really happening, humming to tune it all out…” The irony that is painted is complimented by the orchestration, a twisted and sexy pop tune that wears its existentialism like a summer day. “This song is like if John Lennon had a daughter that got kidnapped by aliens who turned her into a Japanese robot programmed to be a pop star that kills.”

About the forthcoming album:

Wells started sending voice memos to friends and that’s how her recording relationship started with her producer Chris Nelson. “I’ve known Chris for years and I had sent him some songs and was asking him a lot of questions about microphones and how to record myself. He basically said, “How about you we record a song at my studio instead.” From there they decided to do an EP and that turned into a full-length album. 

Just two years after buying her first guitar, Wells’ debut album is slated to be released in the Spring of 2019. Though the songs started out as melancholic folk tunes with flashes of dark humor, working closely with Nelson and engineer Branden Stroup, they transformed during the creative process. “I honestly thought I was going to make an album of moody “Sad Girl” songs…and while the songs still retain that, now they’re also really fun. You can listen and cry and smash shit or dance to them and have sex…” The songs range from stories about love, loss, desire for autonomy, existential anxiety, and her relationship around being a woman in today’s world. “At the end of the day, I didn’t want to bum people out, but I do want them to know all the heavy stuff I see and feel, and also that I have a lot of hope that it’s going to be alright.”