And The Wave Has Two Sides

ON AN ON are excited to announce the upcoming release of And The Wave Has Two Sides, out via Roll Call Records. The Minneapolis trio recorded the follow up to their well received debut, Give In, at the famous Sunset Sound studios in Los Angeles with legendary producer Joe Chiccarelli (Spoon, White Stripes, The Shins, My Morning Jacket).

When ON AN ON entered the studio to begin work on their new album, they brought a new approach to their songwriting with them. “This is another first record for us in a way,” says keyboardist Alissa Ricci of And The Wave Has Two Sides. “This time we came into the studio as a band,” she says, alluding to their experience with their debut Give In, which was recorded only weeks after the three members had formed ON AN ON. “Give In, was us learning to think less and trust our instincts,” she continues, “what you hear on that record is a band beginning.”

If Give In was the result of a band exploring their sonic horizons, and letting go of control while they figured out who they wanted to be, And The Wave Has Two Sides is the moment of clarity they came to as a result of that initial soul searching journey. A year and a half playing shows in support of Give In provided ON AN ON with time to examine how they wanted to expand and grow sonically, resulting in more collaborative writing, and experimental live tracking. “Making another Give In would have been the easy thing to do”, explains bassist Ryne Estwing. “This time we wanted to make something more direct and visceral.” Vocalist/guitarist Nate Eiesland adds, “by tracking everyone in the same room at one time, we tried to capture the interaction between the parts we were playing. There’s a subtle energy to things that get recorded that way; a tension in the sound.”

And The Wave Has Two Sides has already been met with early attention for the hauntingly suspenseful “Drifting”, the first track released from the album. The music video for the song, premiered by Stereogum and linked below, has been praised as well for painting “nightmarish dreamscapes to reflect the fear of loss that the song is rooted in.” And The Waves Has Two Sides is rife with those deeply cutting emotional moments, and just as often buoyed afloat by the incredible pop instincts that were already ripening on their debut, and are delivered fully formed on songs like the summer dance-floor anthem “It’s Not Over”. The song “is about long-term love. It’s about regaining a sense of context to help in the moments, or the seasons, of insecurity that are a part of loving someone forever”, says Eiesland. “It’s funny that the first two songs we put out from this album are the ones that were the furthest from our comfort zone.”